Up to 11 councillors may be elected or co-opted onto the Parish Council.

Taplow Parish Council usually meets as a full council once a month except there are no meetings in August and December. In the meantime there are also meetings of the Finance Committee.

Your Parish Councillors

There is currently a full compliment of Councillors – details of which are below and some of whom are shown above:-

Jamie Barnard – Chairman,

Claire Price, Vice Chairman and Finance Committee Chairman

Roger Worthington, Planning Committee Chairman
07787 556309

Prof. Alan Sinclair

Gerry O’Riordan

Dr Val Pridmore

Louise Symons

Karen Walsh

Rachel Horton – Kitchlew

Spencer Norton 

Zoe Hatch


Councillors are routinely elected every four years – the next election is scheduled for May 2025. Where vacancies arise during the term then (if a poll is not demanded by residents following a notice of casual vacancy being displayed) a councillor can be co-opted onto the Parish Council.  There is currently one vacancy on the Council which can be filled by co-option. There are regular meetings, which are open to the public who can come and have their say.

Responsibilities include planning issues (although the parish council is only a consultee with no power to take decisions); maintaining open spaces and street lighting. Taplow Parish Council also owns and manages the Village Hall and manages the Village Green and – with volunteers from the Taplow and Hitcham Recreation Grounds Association  – the Old Priory Gardens.

The Parish Council also works closely with the  County Council with regard to environmental issues, traffic management, road safety and highway maintenance. Please feel free to contact the parish clerk on any village issues.