Planning Decisions

The following are the decisions made with the most recent given at the top of the list:-

PL/21/4561/TP Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
Redwood Lodge, Mill Lane, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0AG,
Proposal: Works in accordance with attached schedule (TPO/BD/1975/09) – PERMISSION REFUSED

PL/21/3766/FA Full Planning Permission – The Lindens, Rectory Road, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0ET. Proposal: Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a new dwelling – CONDITIONAL PERMISSION

PL/21/3007/HB: Listed Building Consent for alterations, extension or demolition of a listed building Location: SGI-UK National Centre, Taplow Court, Cliveden Road, Taplow, consent for installation of platform lift, associated internal alterations and entrance ramp – CONDITIONAL CONSENT

PL/21/2634/FA Acorn Cottage, Marsh Lane, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0DF – Single storey side / rear infill extension, raising of roof height of existing first floor – CONDITIONAL PERMISSION

PL/21/1778/FA Summercroft, River Road – Demolition of existing and erection of a new garage – CONDITIONAL PERMISSION

PL/20/4271/FA Old Stocks, Ellington Road- Single storey front extension, single/first floor/two storey side extension, raising of roof to allow for a loft conversion with 3 front and 3 rear roof lights and timber cladding – COUNCIL FAILED TO DETERMINE APPLICATION

PL/21/1178/FA  Lamont House, River Road- Demolition of the two outbuildings and erection of one outbuilding in the same location – CONDITIONAL PERMISSION

PL/21/2656/FA Green Springs, Marsh Lane, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0DF,
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a new dwelling – ACCEPTED

PL/21/3587/TP Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
Berry Hill Court, Berry Hill, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0EH. – T1 oak – fell; T2 yew – crown lift away from building by 1.5m (TPO/BCC/1951/01) – ACCEPTED

PL/21/1785/FA Victoria Cottage, High Street – Demolition of single storey rear projection (unlisted building within a Conservation Area) and erection of single storey rear extension, alterations to roof including insertion of 2 rear rooflights, rendering of walls and adjustments to the existing parking arrangements – REFUSED

PL/21/2659/SA  Lawful development certificate for a proposed use or development
1 Arch Cottage, Amerden Lane, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0EA,
Proposal: Certificate of lawfulness for proposed rear dormer with 2 rooflights – REFUSED

PL/21/2278/FA River Bank House, River Road, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0BG – Demolition of existing detached garage and construction of new detached garage and
tool store. Construction of new rear terrace area following removal of bound gravel
terrace and pathways. APPROVED

PL/21/3098/KA  Notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area
Fairview, River Road, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0BG,
T.1 Copper Beech – Crown reduce by approximately 20%, T.2 Corsican Pine – Remove
the large failed limb and the lowest limb., Crown reduce the lower and mid canopy
over the clients garden by approximately 15%. Remove other hanging limbs. (Taplow
Riverside Conservation Area) APPROVED

PL/21/3183/VRC Removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission. Meca Riding Centre, Wooburn Common Road, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, HP10 0JS,
Removal of condition 3 (occupancy restriction) SBD/910/88 (Construction of indoor riding school building and detached staff dwelling) APPROVED

PL/21/2382/KA Laurel Cottage, Ellington Road, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0AX,
Sycamore (T1) – crown reduction by 5 metres (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area) APPROVED

PL/21/2106/AV Shell Maidenhead, Bath Road-1 internally illuminated fascia sign, 1 internally illuminated LIttle Waitrose shop sign, 1internally illuminated Little Waitrose totem sign, 1 non illuminated EVC charging bay sign, 1 non illuminated EVC entrance sign CONDITONAL CONSENT

PL/21/2132/TP Jubilee Mill, Glen Island- Horse Chestnuts x 3 – Crown reduction by less than 1m, pruning wounds by less 20mm diameter. (TPO No 5 1962), APPROVED

PL/21/1743/FA 1 Arch Cottage, Amerden Lane- proposed demolition of external toilet and erection of single storey rear / side extension. CONDITONAL PERMISSION

PL/21/1796/FA Arcalaur, Bath Road – Change of use to dwellinghouse APPROVED

PL/21/1717/FA Bridge Cottage Guest House, Bath Road- Change of use to dwellinghouse APPROVED

PL/21/1759/FA  Autumn House, Rectory Road- Part single/ part two storey side extension incorporating side/ rear balcony with balustrade  CONDITONAL PERMISSION

PL/21/2906/KA Notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area.
Ashling, Ellington Road, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, SL6 0AX.  Weeping Ash T1 – Crown reduction by approximately 1.5m, the overall spread of the tree will be reduced from approximately 8.5m down to 6m and the height from approximately 8m down to 6.5m. (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area) APPROVED

PL/21/1758/TP Taplow Cricket Club, Cliveden Road; T1 Cedar – Remove one hanging branch, T2 Holm Oak: Reduce the southern stem back from over Cliveden Road by 2mtrs and, Crown lift to 5.3m to give ground clearance from road, T3 Pine – Fell, T4 Holm Oak – Reduce by 1.5m back from over the road and garden and crown lift to statutory 5.3m, G1 Group of mixed species –
Reduce down to form a 4/5ft hedge, along the path running for approx. 60m, G2
Group of Elms – Fell (TPO/ER/1973/09) CONDITONAL PERMISSION

PL/21/1655/FA Elibank Court, Rectory Road – Reconstruction of part of the boundary wall  CONDITIONAL PERMISSION

PL/21/1656/HB  Elibank Court, Rectory Road – Listed Building Consent for reconstruction of part of the boundary wall CONDITIONAL CONSENT

PL/21/1381/TP Communal Garden, Cedar Chase, Taplow, Buckinghamshire, ,
Proposal: T44 Cedar – Raise crown base to 2mts APPROVED

PL/21/1760/KA Communal Garden, Cedar Chase – Works to Trees in accordance with submitted tree Report. (Taplow Village Conservation Area)  TPO SHALL NOT BE MADE

PL/21/1646/KA  Ellington Lodge, Ellington Road – Horse Chestnut – Cut back less than 10 small – medium branches north-east corner of property to reduce damage to telephone line at a height of six metres. (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area) TPO SHALL NOT BE MADE

PL/21/1659/KA The Rest, Ellington Road –  Apple tree T1 – Fell (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area) TPO SHALL NOT BE MADE

PL/21/1202/FA Wellbank Cottage Rectory Road – single storey infill – CONDITONAL PERMISION

PL/21/1564/KA Elmbank, Hill Farm Road – Removal of the following small trees on south and south west boundary at the rear of the property – T6 Bay, T7 Purple plum, T8 Indian bean tree, T9 Flowering cherry, T10 River birch, T11 Bay, T12 Hornbeam, T16 Indian bean tree. (Taplow Village Conservation Area) TPO SHALL NOT BE MADE

PL/21/1267/KA Briarbank, Ellington Road – T1 – ash – crown reduction by 3 to 4 metres (Taplow Riverside Conservation Area) TPO SHALL NOT BE MADE

PL/21/1170/FA Lamont House, River Road – Demolition of the existing dwelling and erection of a new dwelling with a detached garage/studio building with a swimming pool in the grounds and associated parking and landscaping – REFUSED

PL/21/1065/TP 8 Cedar Chase -Wing-Nut T1 to T5 – Reduce crown height and spread by 2 – 2.5 metres (TPO/SBDC/2002/33) – PERMISSION REFUSED

PL/21/0628/FA Elibank Court, Rectory Road – Single storey rear infill extension, loft conversion with 3 rear dormer windows and 1 side and 2 front rooflights and replacement garage door – conditional permission granted

PL/21/0321/KA – TPO SHALL NOT BE MADE and PL/21/0269/TP – CONDITIONAL PERMISSION GRANTED  Elmbank, Hill Farm Road – T2 -Apple tree (Malus pumila) x 1 – Fell, T3 – Cherry (Prunus avium) x 1 – Reduce side lateral branches by 1.5 – 2 meters (large cavity on trunk) T1 – Oak (Quercus robur) x 1 – Crown thin by 10% on the south side of the crown.
Reduce the lowest branch, overhanging the rear neighbours boundary, by 2 meters.

PL/21/0151/TP Cedar Chase: Copper beech tree (no 115 on plan) – fell. (TPO/ER/1969/03) CONDITIONAL PERMISSION GRANTED

PL/21/0105/EU Meca Riding Centre, Wooburn Common Road – certificate of Lawfulness for existing use to allow for the removal of the occupancy restriction – GRANTED

PL/20/4364/FA Cornerways River Road – demolition of office and erection of a dwelling – withdrawn

PL/20/4068/PAHAS Green Springs Marsh Lane – prior approval refused

PL/20/3960/FA Larchwood House Heathfield Road – rebuild – withdrawn

PL/21/0462/HBSA Taplow Court – platform lift – withdrawn

PL/18/4004/KA 4 Cedar Chase – Eucalyptus – fell. Granted

PL/18/3709/EU Huntswood Golf Course Taplow Common Road – Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness relating to the use of the clubhouse. Refused

Pl/18/2327/HB The National Trust office, Cliveden estate – repair to two sections of boundary wall. Granted

18/00317/FUL Dunloe Lodge Mill Lane – redevelopment to create 9  apartments. Granted

PL/18/3430/SA Roux wedding receptions. Granted

17/02006/RVC Paddock Bungalow – to allow the bungalow to be used by anyone connected to the livery who has 1 horse or more. Refused

17/02005/RVC 1& 2  Garden Cotttages Cliveden Road – to allow to be free of tie to Cliveden Stud. Refused

17/02002/RVC Cliveden Stud – to allow stables to be used as independent livery. Refused

PL/18/3453/SA Kingsdown Marsh Lane – 2 outbuildings. Granted

PL/18/3476/TP 9 Taplow Quays – work on trees. Granted

PL/18/3447/KA 6 Cedar Chase – birch tree reduce by 1-2m. Granted

PL/18/2231/HB National Trust office Cliveden – repair to boathouse slipway GRANTED

PL/18/2963/FA Rectory Farm Rectory Road – outbuilding REFUSED

PL/18/3308/FA 36 Buffins  – single storey front and porch extension and changes to rear fenestration. Granted

PL/18/3048/FA 31 Buffins – vehicle access WITHDRAWN

PL/18/2PL/18/3237/KA Riverlea House Ellington Road – misc tree work GRANTED

PL/18/2736/FA Unit 6 Bishop Centre – new internal staircase GRANTED

PL/18/2768/VRC Land adjacent to 5 Ellington Gardens – variation to allow resiting of new dwelling GRANTED

PL/18/2525/FA Rear of Cranford House Boundary Road – change of use of coach house to form separate dwelling GRANTED

PL/18/2400KA Maryfield High Street – oak trim, crown lift lower branches GRANTED

PL/18/2142/FA Owlscote Marsh Lane -single storey rear extension GRANTED

PL/18/2098/KA Flat 5 The Nutshell River Road – tree works in a conservation area GRANTED

PL/18/2096/TP Redwood Berry Hill – works to TPO trees GRANTED

18/00746/FUL Thames Executive Charters Taplow boatyard – erection of public house inc staff accomodation, car parking and landscaping REFUSED

18/00878/FUL Huntswood Golf Club Taplow Common Road – erection of groundsman’s hut inc staff welfare facilities with demolition of existing hut driving range and storage containers GRANTED

18/00776/FUL Berry Hill farm, Berry Hill – erection of lattice mast and antennae inc satellite dishes and shelter cabin REFUSED

18/00858/LBC and 18/00857/FUL  Cliveden estate – reroofing and internal alterations of conservatory building GRANTED

18/00917/MISC Taplow Station – erection of footbridge and lift shafts GRANTED

18/00772/RVC Former BG depot Mill Lane – ammendments to external appearance of the building GRANTED

18/00741/FUL Maidenhead Sea Cadets Mill Lane – new entrance and changes to hardstanding and car parking GRANTED

18/00783/FUL Rectory Farm Rectory Road – outbuilding – summerhouse REFUSED

18/00705/FUL 3 Cornerways River Road Taplow – first floor extension to flat 3 over flat 1 WITHDRAWN

18/0581/FUL 2 Elm View Rectory Road – part two storey part first floor rear extensions GRANTED

18/00697/FUL Priory Cottage Rectory Road – replacement of garage roof GRANTED

18/00267/FUL Autumn House Rectory Road – part single part two storey extension inc. side rear balcony with balustrade GRANTED

18/00525/CLUED Huntswood Golf Club – outbuilding for storage and workshop GRANTED

18/00625/FUL Wee Cottage High Street – single storey side and first floor rear extensions  GRANTED

18/00507/FUL Roots Garden design – redevelopment to provide 82 bed car home etc REFUSED

18/00110/FUL Autumn House Rectory Road – construction of swimming pool and assoicated plant building. GRANTED

18/00075/RVC Hitchambury House – additional plant room, infill extension on upper ground floor and internal layout modifications GRANTED

17/02212/COND Abbott Wood Heathfield Road Dropmore – remove condition 3 GRANTED

17/02314/FUL Challens Chickens – mobile home for three years for use by agricultural worker GRANTED

17/02225/FUL Odds farm – alterations to existing site access and associated infratstructure and landscaping GRANTED

17/02233/CAN Fausto Ellington road – misc tree work GRANTED

17/01891/FUL St Regis paper mill – construction of boathouse with dwelling above and associated car port REFUSED

18/00818/CAN The Old Manor House Rectory Road – removal of horse chestnut tree. No TPO made

18/00456/FUL Pink Land adj 5 Ellington Gardens – redevelopment to provide two detached dwellings. WITHDRAWN

18/00487/CLOPED The Lindens Rectory Road – single storey rear extensions. REFUSED  – planning permission required

18/00603/TPO Street Record Cliveden Gages – misc tree work. GRANTED

18/00661/TPO Elibank Court Rectory Road – Scott Pine – fell and replace. GRANTED

18/00216/ADV Roux at Skindles – 4 internally and externally illuminated fascia signs 2 externally illumiated fascia signs and 3 non illuminated projecting signs. Granted

17/02183/FUL The Old Boathouse Mill Lane – redevelopment to provide 13 dwellings with associated landscaping and parking. WITHDRAWN

18/00432/CAN Broomcroft River Road – lawson conifer – fell; white breams reduce; laurel cut back. Granted

17/02390/FUL 7 Pages Wharf Mill Lane – single storey rear extension inc first floor balcony. GRANTED

18/00101/TPO Land at Taplow Station – pines x2 Fell. REFUSED

18/00309/CAN Fairview River Road – Yew crown reducitons ; corsican pine tree deadwood. GRANTED

17/02240/FUL Silchester Manor Day Nursery – replacement nursery and 10 2 bedroom apartments. GRANTED

18/00116/FUL Amerden Lodge Amerden Lane – two storey side extension. REFUSED

18/0003/FUL Hawthorns Bath Road – single storey rear extension inc glazed awaning ( retrospective). REFUSED

18/00049/FUL 1 Buffins – replacement garage single sotrey rear extension and vehicular access. GRANTED

17/02228/FUL and 17/02229/LBC Cliveden estate – reconstruction of Dukes Lawn Steps. GRANTED

17/01953/FUL Taplow Mill site – creation of car park for 23 vehicles located off Mill Lane. GRANTED

17/01684/RVC Former BG depot site – variation to allow relocation of office building. GRANTED

17/01898/CLOPED Stonecrop 3 Saxon Gardens- new vehicular access and associated hardstanding – certificate of lawfulness granted

17/02016/ADV Sytner BMW Bath Road – 5 non illuminated flag pole signs. REFUSED

17/02412/FUL 1 Orkney Court – single storey side infill extension. Granted

17/02408/CAN Fairview River Road – Poplar, fell. Granted

17/02232/TPO Communal gardens Cedar chase – wingnut tree group reduce by 20%. GRANTED

17/01867/LBC Rose Cottage High Street – replacement staircase. GRANTED

17/02046/FUL & 17/02047/LBC Cliveden Estate – replace grass path from the Fountain of love to the main entrance. GRANTED

17/02225/FUL Odds farm – alterations to existing site access and associated infratstructure and landscaping. GRANTED

17/01685/RVC St Regis papermill – variation to allow for relocation of boatyard building. GRANTED

17/00209/RVC St Regis Paper Mill site – to permit additional parking . Granted

17/01875/RVC St Regis Paper Mill site – changes to restaurant. GRANTED

17/00243/RVC St Regis paper mill site – to allow a change in opening times. GRANTED

17/02207/CAN Stable Cottage 1 Hitcham Grange – laurel reduce cypress crown raise. No TPO made

17/02134/TPO Upper Lodge Berry Hill – substantial tree works including felling. Consent in part only

17/02211/CAN West Bapsey Cliveden Road – fell offshoot from willow tree. GRANTED

17/02201/CAN Ellington Lodge Ellington road – work to two horse chestnuts and a copper beech. GRANTED

17/02248/CAN Upper Lodge Berry Hill – misc tree work. GRANTED

17/01966/TPO Old Priory Gardens -misc tree work. Granted

17/02044/CAN Riverway Ellington road – Apple tree reduce by 4/5feet and epicormid removal. Granted

17/01921/TPO Folliotts River Road – Thuja,crown reduce. GRANTED

17/01913/TPO Orkney Court – work on London Plane. Granted

17/01965/CAN Village Green rectory Road – misc tree work. GRANTED

17/02178/CAN Folliotts River Road – misc tree work

17/01351/FUL Abbott Wood Heathfield Road – installation of driveway lighting. GRANTED

17/01838/CAN St Nicolas House Rectory Road – misc tree works. GRANTED

17/01528/LBC and 17/01527/FUL Cliveden Estate – new stone cappings, widening lawn. GRANTED

17/01428/LBC SGI-UK – repairs to gate piers. GRANTED

17/01495/FUL Priory Cottage Rectory Road – replacement outbuilding. Granted

17/01592/LBC and 17/01593/FUL Cliveden Estate – construction of visitors toilets, landscaping,